Already so many people have visited this blog and I have made more then just a few wonderful new friends!   It is so rewarding sharing all these insights and experiences and it’s getting better every day.I love WordPress and I have enjoyed writing my content on this platform. But my “Lessons from the Horse” personal development project is growing and I want to offer more to my readers. Unfortunately does not support things like opt-in forms and other ways for people to sign up for great free content. There is an update to but that’s all techie html stuff and as a partially sighted person that’s not an option.

So I’ll have to go … to Blogger. From now on you can find all new posts and videos on :

Looking forward to seeing everybody there!


Spring … a time for renewal, for new insights and inspiration. Nature is exploding with energy and beauty. Enjoy this little video, I have made it so that you can be inspired to venture into nature and experience its splendor. Relax and let yourself get carried away for a moment of calm, peace and new energy.

Thanks to my husband Ronny who encouraged and helped me make this video!

I just visited an interesting blog with loads of great ideas on health and de-stress tips. It’s a “Practical Guide to a healthy and ecopolitan lifestyle” and it’s worth checking out.

This little post on rosemary tea caught my attention, more concentration is just what I need right now!…

I didn’t know that rosemary tea was good for you. I have a huge rosemary plant in my garden and I”m gonna try this tea recipe!
Click here to read more about the benefits of rosemary tea.

What would you do if you earned a lot of money ?  How would being a millionaire affect your life ?  Ever thought seriously how you’d spend let’s say 500.000 € a year ?  It sounds easier then it is if you try !  To imagine what really would make you feel happy and fulfilled takes some time and effort.  When we are thinking of money we often limit ourselves.  We have learned to accept what we think is “appropriate for us”.   Many internet guru’s and teachers are offering you products and services that encourage you to expand your financial energy flow.   Great stuff, I honestly believe that there is nothing beautiful in poverty and you don’t help anybody (yourself in the least) by staying poor.
Then why is it that we are so convinced that money can not buy us happiness or love ?  Why would there be this form of energy that somehow makes us greedy and/or selfish ?
Are all wealthy people greedy and insatiable ?  Of course not !  But there is this thing with money that sometimes make people not so nice …
Me and my husband were talking about this issue just a few minutes ago.  His DareBooster Coaching business is growing and also my “Lessons from the Horse” workshop for women is getting real and both activities are generating income.  So I was worried that if we’d get really rich we too might become “ugly” and people would stop liking us for who we really are.  Now, this thought could “prevent” me from getting there !  (this is by the way what happens to a lot of people !)

Ronny helped me out here, he told me what he would do with a couple of millions of Euros and this was so awesome that I could immediately identify.  You’re right, we would drive a Tezla sports car and we will have our old farm renovated but it would be ecological, self-sustainable and we would give back the energy that we produce to the net.  We would like to have a world without oil- and nuclear power but to make this happen you need lots and lots of money to invest in research and innovation.  With the money we earn coaching, teaching and training people we will do all we can to make this world a more livable place, not just for ourselves but for all of us !   Both myself and Ronny have invested effort, time and money in learning and experiencing self-development and spiritual growth.  We have always had in mind that whatever we do should help, nurture, encourage and support our clients to become the blessed beings that they really are.  No matter how much this is worth in money, we will always look for opportunities to invest in a better world.   I profoundly believe that people living their life with a “Higher Cause” are happier and more fulfilled and they will always be beautiful, no matter how much money they earn !

Now, this is a commitment and anybody has the right to remind me of this whenever I would forget about it.

We had typical spring weather last week, showers, wind and fresh temperatures. Great for the trees and the plants and so but at some point I started longing for a nice warm and sunny day !
Last monday the weatherman announced sunny and dry weather for tuesday so I was really pleased and didn’t forget to thank the Universe for this great weather forecast !
Tuesday morning I was surprised to hear the rain pouring down as I woke up in the morning. Slightly annoyed I turned on the radio .. “What does the weatherman has to say about this terrible mistake ?”
Well, he apologized and said that the nice weather wood be for wednesday … so I had another good weather forecast ! Literally that what I was grateful for.
I learned my lesson now and thanked the Universe for the good, warm, dry weather, period. And yes, from Wednesday on it’s been spring from his best side so me and our dog Kato can enjoy the sun …
Thank you, Universe !

At this point in my life I look at the future with somehow mixed feelings. There’s no discussion, this world is changing. For better or for worse, it’s hard to say and impossible to know what will become our biggest challenges. Food shortage, economical recession, civil wars, pollution, climate change, too much or not enough water and so on. Make your choice !

Today I was reading some articles on a survival blog. How to prepare for and survive any given disaster or collapse. The author (James Wesley, Rawles) had a rather interesting view on Christianity as a part of mental preparation for coming “hard times”.


It’s amazing how many relationships come to an early end.  Looking at the numbers you’d think that men and women are actually not made for each-other …  Me and my husband Ronny are together since 1992 and got married in 1996.  Sixteen years of romance and butterflies ?  I’m afraid not, I cannot count the many ups and downs we had.   I’ve lost count of the misunderstandings that exist between us.  I mean, we share so much, we think that we really now each-other and still … to this very day we discover so much things that we didn’t know or understand from one another.  Even to the extend where we wonder if we are actually a good match.  If we know so little about the other one, maybe we should go looking for another, more suitable, partner ?